Why the Little Sunshine Center Encourages Learning Through Play

Parents want to only do what is best for their children. For many families, this involves enrolling their child in a center for early childhood education such as a daycare facility or preschool. While guided curricula such as learning numbers, colors, and letters are a great foundation for academic success, many experienced educators understand the importance of learning through play.

At Little Sunshine Childcare Center, we are a firm believer in providing your child with ample opportunity to participate in open-ended play where his or her interests take center stage fueling active, engaged learning. Keep reading to learn more about the added benefits of play-based learning and contact us to learn more about how we can support your child’s learning!


little girl climbing a rope ladder

Physical Development

Playing with other children in both indoor and outdoor settings can help support your child’s physical development including gross motor skills. Gross motor skills involve large muscles and can be developed through play activities like running, throwing, and pedaling a bike.


little girl smiling carrying plastic balls

Emotional Development

When learning through play activities, children will often have the opportunity to collaborate with other children their age to come up with an imaginative game. Not only will your child learn to communicate with others but they will also learn to be perspective of other’s needs. Children can work through their emotions, learning how to express their feelings in positive ways through storytelling, art, and other activities.


group of young kids laughing together

Social Development

Playtime is a great opportunity for children to work together towards a common goal. Maybe that is building a house out of legos or “cooking” dinner through pretend play? No matter the activity or your child’s language skills, they can gain important social skills outside of their typical family environment. This can also help create a foundation for strong friendships!


group of kids coloring

Cognitive Development

Critical thinking is a key component of cognitive development for young children. During play, their minds are constantly engaged, actively learning about the world around them. Learning through play activities can help inspire a child’s creativity, spurring imagination, and leading to new levels of thinking.

As more and more research is performed on play-based learning, the consensus is play is powerful! Children need safe, interactive spaces to learn and grow through playing with their peers. At Little Sunshine Childcare Center in Clarksdale, our focus is on providing children with a stimulating learning experience with an age-appropriate curriculum and learning experiences through play. Contact us today to learn more!

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